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About Jason Moth

Jason is a classic jack-of-all-trades writer who loves to cover most topics, though gaming has always been his strong suit. After spending the better part of the past decade freelancing for various websites - both gaming and no-gaming alike -, he finally found a place he can call his home here at DualShockers.

An Evergreen content specialist, Jason tends to focus on guides and listicles but doesn’t shy away from the occasional feature or review. Even though he seems to grow more cynical by the day, he always tries his best not to let his personal views get in the way of objective criticism. Jason strongly believes that content should be written in the service of the reader and is thankful to everybody who takes the time to check out his articles.

Whenever he’s not writing or playing video games, Jason loves to paint Warhammer 40K miniatures and often spends an ungodly amount of time trying to perfect his techniques. Music, poetry, and video editing are some of his other big passions, and he’s been known to dabble in all of them from time to time.  

Industry Focus

Jason has been covering video games since the early 2010s. Even though he started as a news writer, he gradually developed the skills needed to write all forms of content.

You can find his articles on over a dozen different websites in all sorts of niches, including gaming, tech, entertainment, science, and more. He even built and managed some of these sites himself.

But despite taking pride in his ability to be versatile, video games will always be Jason’s first love and he has a special fondness for PC gaming, in particular.    

Favorite Games and Genres

Jason loves strategy games in all their forms, from RTS and TBS to grand strategy, 4X, and everything in between. Starcraft 2, XCOM 2, and the Total War: Warhammer series hold a special place in his heart but he won’t turn down any strategy game, as long as it’s at least halfway decent.

His second favorite genre would have to be RPG, with Gothic, Morrowind, The Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Origins, and Mass Effect 2 being his all-time favorite. You’ll also find him playing quite a lot of Soulslike games and the occasional MMORPG, usually World of Warcraft.

While not a genre per se, Jason is obsessed with Warhammer, 40K or otherwise, and has played the vast majority of titles based in Games Workshop’s various universes. Well, at least the ones worth playing.

Online competitive games have historically been a pretty big part of Jason’s life as well, even though he claims to generally dislike them. He recently got back into Dota 2 after an 8-year hiatus and is questioning whether or not this was a wise choice.

First Game Console and Preferred Platforms

Jason’s first gaming system was a Sega Genesis, which he got as a birthday gift in the mid-90s. Playing console games was a fun hobby, but it didn’t really turn into a passion until he discovered PC gaming a few years later.

Jason never looked back after getting his first PC and hasn’t considered switching to a different platform since. Moreover, he started building his own PCs around the same time he got his first writing gig. Nowadays, he’s a bit of a #PCMR snob, but he’s secretly looking into buying a PS5 just for the exclusives.

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