College of Sasha lying dead on the floor, Mikasa kissing Eren's head, and a burning Hange 1
Attack On Titan: Saddest Character Deaths, Ranked

There were several instances when Attack On Titan broke our hearts, but these are some of the saddest and heart-wrenching deaths in the anime series.

Feature Dragon Quest Monsters Dark Prince Tips and Tricks 1
Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince - 10 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince throws a lot at you early on. Follow these tips and tricks to hit the ground running.

Destiny 2, Featured Image, Season of the Wish, Every Seasonal Weapon 1
Destiny 2 Season of the Wish: Every Seasonal Weapon, Ranked

There's a Legendary Stasis Trace Rifle!

Destiny 2, Featured Image, Reprised Weapons, Dreaming City  1
Destiny 2 Season Of The Wish: Every Reprised Dreaming City Weapon, Ranked

There are some real gems getting reprised this Season!

Featured Image, Destiny 2, Warlord's Ruin Weapons Ranked 1
Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin: Every Dungeon Weapon, Ranked

Warlord's Ruin, the new Dungeon in Season of the Wish brings new weapons to Destiny 2. For once, the new entries don't disappoint.

Guts Ken and Hisoka Feature 1
15 Anime That Ended Before The Manga

Series like Blue Exorcist, Berserk, and Hunter x Hunter ended before giving us the full manga story.

Featured Image, Destiny 2, Season of the Wish, Every New Weapon Ranked-1 1
Destiny 2 Season of the Wish: Every New Weapon Perk, Ranked

It's a sorry bunch but it's all we got.

Featured Image, Destiny 2, Best Exotic Raid Weapons, Ranked 1
Destiny 2: 10 Best Raid Exotics, Ranked

If you're trying to find the best Raid Exotics in Destiny 2, look no further!

Featured Image, Destiny 2, Season of the Wish, Best Artifact Mods 1
Destiny 2 Season Of The Wish: 10 Best Artifact Mods, Ranked

Here ten of the best Artifacts Mods released in Destiny 2's Season of the Wish.

Featured Image, Best Dungeon Exotics, Destiny 2 1
Destiny 2: Every Dungeon Exotic, Ranked

Exotics are the lifeblood of Destiny 2, and these are the best ones in the game.

Split image screenshots from The Promised Neverland and Astra Lost In Space anime 1
15 Best Anime Like Dr. Stone

From Beautiful Bones to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, here are some highly recommended anime that are similar to Dr. Stone.

The Lethal Company character is showcasing a vicious creature, the ship, and an eclipse on one of the moons. 1
Lethal Company: 10 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Lethal Company is a deadly game. Follow these tips and tricks to give you an edge - it might just keep you alive.

Most Hot-Headed Anime Characters Feature 1
15 Most Hot-Headed Anime Characters, Ranked

Dive into anime's fiery world with some of the most hot-headed characters, like Vegeta, Natsu, and Bakugou, lighting up the screen.

Light Yagami Saitama and Edward Feature 1
15 Best Anime With Under 100 Episodes, Ranked

Explore some of the best short anime like Death Note and Made in Abyss, which feature less than 100 episodes.

Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of Demon King Academy) on left, Ryuk (Death Note) in middle, Saitama (One Punch Man) on right 1
12 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Goku

Do you think Goku is the strongest anime character? Well, here are all the powerful characters who can defeat Goku in a one-to-one fight.

Saitama, Goku and Eren 1
10 Anime Characters Who Could Destroy The World

There are several powerful anime characters with destructive powers, but these are the ones with abilities that can actually destroy the world.

Best Reverse Harem Anime, Ouran High and Kiss him, not me 1
10 Best Reverse Harem Anime, Ranked

From Kiss Him, Not Me! to Ouran High School Host Club, here are some of the best Reverse Harem anime you should be watching right now!

Like A Dragon- Kiryu, Akame,  Tsuruno  1
Like A Dragon Gaiden: 10 Best Characters

Like A Dragon Gaiden is packed with memorable characters, both new and returning. This list breaks down the very best personalities you'll encounter.

Anime Characters Incited By Hate, Eren Yeager, Thorfinn, Angelo Lagusa 1
10 Anime Characters Incited By Hate

Working to get even and full of hatred, these anime characters define spitefulness.

Fable 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur's Gate 3 villians 1
10 Best RPGs For Evil Playthroughs

Take a walk on the Dark Side.

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