The year certainly flies by as here we are again with Cyber Monday 2023 upon us, and with most people wanting to save their pennies, there are currently several Squishmallows deals to grab right now. These adorable soft plush cuties are the perfect gift either for yourself, a friend, or a family member and would even make the ideal Christmas present if you want to beat the rush.

Whether you are looking for a spooky Jack Skellington Squishmallow, cuddly Malcolm The Mushroom Squishmallow, the lovable Onica The Turtle, or Pokemon's Snorlax, there's something for everyone, and they are just waiting for someone to give them a good home as the madness of Cyber Monday begins!

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Cyber Monday Squishmallows Plush Deals

Malcolm The Mushroom Squishmallow
Malcolm The Mushroom Squishmallow

10 Inch Squishmallow

$19.16 $29.99 Save $10.83

As expected, Malcolm the Mushroom is a super soft, and adorable plush toy that would make a great cuddle companion. At only 10 inches, this squishmallow is the ideal size, and with Amazon's $10.83 off for Cyber Monday, it means you could even put a little extra towards more squishmallows to keep Malcolm company!

If cute little mushrooms are your thing, and no I'm not talking about anything from The Last of Us, then Malcolm is the guy for you. Squishmallows aren't the cheapest collectible to purchase, so getting them at a deal, even if it's a few bucks off, is most certainly a win. Reduced from almost $30, this adorable plush makes the chilly winter nights that bit more bearable and, for only $19.16 at Amazon, you just couldn't leave this one out in the cold.

Abominable Snowman Squishmallow
Abominable Snowman Squishmallow

8 Inch Squishmallow

$19.99 $21.99 Save $2

Since we are now weeks away from Christmas, this cuddly snowman Squishmallow would make the perfect accessory for those cold nights and getting into the festive vibes.He's currently 2% off, making this little guy a decent pickup at under $20 before he's gone for good this Cyber Monday.

When you think of the Abominable Snowman, you certainly don't think of cute and cuddly, but here comes this super adorable 8-inch Squishmallow to dispel everything you previously thought about them. From the movie, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, this festive Squishmallow not only makes a great Cyber Monday gift but also a great Christmas one too, as he's suitable for all ages as a cuddle buddy for long car rides, airplanes, or sleepovers.

Onica The Turtle Squishmallow
Onica The Turtle Squishmallow

8 Inch Squishmallow

$17.99 $24.99 Save $7

Just look at that face! The snuggle is real with this one. With an ultra-squeezable turtle plush body made from high-quality marshmallow-soft materials, this Onica The Turtle deal would make anyone smile.At $7 off from its usual $24.99, your wallet will be happy too.

Turtles are cute, there's no question about that, but Onica The Turtle takes it one step further on the adorable meter. With a velvety soft shell, an ultra-squeezable body, and a face you could squish all day, this 8-inch Squishmallow makes the perfect pickup this Cyber Monday, and, with $7 off, this one will be hard to say no to.

Maui The Pineapple Squishmallow
Maui The Pineapple Squishmallow

12 Inch Squishmallow

$15.99 $22.99 Save $7

You probably wouldn't associate pineapples with being soft and cuddly due to their spikey and rough texture, but Maui The Pineapple is here to dispel that myth once and for all.Due to its 12-inch size, Maui is perfect to use as a snuggle buddy pillow while lying on the couch or in bed. And at only $15.99, reduced from $22.99, this deal is too good to miss.

Who wouldn't want to have a pineapple to cuddle, is the question. Thankfully, Maui won't cause any pain if you fancy squishing this little guy as his spikes are super soft and gentle. He also doubles as a pillow, so whether you are chilling out on the sofa or relaxing in bed, Maui the Pineapple is there to support you in more ways than one. Due to this nice little Cyber Monday deal, you can give him a new home for $15.99 with $7 off.

Product still of the Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow on a white background
Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow

8 Inch Squishmallow

$21.99 $29.99 Save $8

Bring Disney home with the Squishmallows rare Jack Skellington plush from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, a must for anyone who loves the movie - and also just in time for Christmas!Take home the Pumpkin King himself for a great discount, which is currently running for only £21.99, saving you $8.

Jack may be from a Nightmare, but this endearing Squishmallow is far from scary. Bring Disney home with this rare Jack Skellington plush, from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. The detailed 8-inch Squishmallow features his black striped suit and bow tie from the movie, which is perfect for any Burton fan, young and old. For only $21.99, this Cyber Monday bargain is more like a beautiful dream rather than a nightmare.

Product still of the Snorlax Squishmallow Plush on a white background
Snorlax Squishmallow Plush

14 Inch Squishmallow

$51 $62 Save $11

Everyone’s favorite Ghost- and Poison-type Pokémon has joined the Squishmallows Squad! Just when you thought Snorlax couldn't get any cuter, here they are as a super soft plush - could life get any better for a Pokémon fan?Well, yes, it could, because there's an amazing deal to be had. At only $51, that's a saving of $11, this 14-inch Squishmellow would brighten up any fan's day.

An absolute must for Pokemon lovers, this 14-inch 'Big Boy' Snorlax would make the perfect addition to your collection. With a super adorable face and a huggable round body, Snorlax is more than just your normal Squishmallow due to his ultra-squeezeable size. Walmart is coming in with a great deal here at only $51 which is $11 off its original price, giving you a whole lot of Snorlax for how much you pay in this deal.

The Cat with Hat Squishmallow
Cam the Cat with Hat Christmas Plush Squishmallow

10 inch Squishmallow

$19.99 $24.99 Save $5

Cam the Cat Squishmallow is a great addition to the plushie family. Just look at its little hat and scarf, all wrapped up for the cold winter months. On Amazon's Cyber Monday deal, you can pick this cute wee fellow up for only $19.99.

Cam the Cat with a Hat isn't just for Cyber Monday, it can be for Christmas too, which makes this adorable little kitty the ideal pickup gift for yourself, friends, or family. Coming in at 10 inches, Cam is the perfect cuddle buddy for the cold winter months. Currently, you can snag Cam on Amazon at 20% off its usual price, which means you can take it home for only $19.99.

Henry The Winking Turtle Squishmallow
Henry The Winking Turtle Squishmallow

10 inch Squishmallow

$19.99 $29.99 Save $10

Henry the turtle is a charming and soft 10-inch green plushie and with that cheeky little wink and huggable face, we are sure that he'd make a brilliant addition to anyone's home.

Henry the Turtle isn't just cute with a soft body, unlike most Turtles, he's also extremely playful with his winky face and playful grin. If you're looking for a bargain deal, Henry's price tag at only $19.99, which is 33% off his usual price of $29.99, makes it almost impossible not to grab him this Cyber Monday.

Aggretsuko With Rage Expression Squishmallow
Aggretsuko With Rage Expression Squishmallow

8 inch Squishmallow

$3.89 $16.99 Save $13.1

This Aggretsuko plush not only makes aggression and rage look cute, but at this price, you'll be the one who is happy so it all works out at this banger deal of $3.89!

Aggretsuko, also known by its original Japanese title Aggressive Retsuko, is a Japanese animated comedy streaming television series based on the eponymous character created by "Yeti" for the mascot company Sanrio. Despite her cute appearance, something deep within her is filled with rage and when that happens, this small yet mighty red panda lets loose! Although many Squishmallows are a little happier than Aggretsuko, we just love her angry face making her even more adorable. At only $3.89, originally $16.99, this pissed off little Squishmallow deserves newfound happiness.

Austin The Avocado
Austin The Avocado Christmas Plush Squishmallow

12 inch Squishmallow

$23.99 $29.99 Save $6

Austin the Avocado would make the perfect gift this Christmas - just look at his little Santa hat! Never has an avocado looked this adorable! Amazon's Cyber Monday deal makes this Squishmallow irresistible with 20% off.

You wouldn't want to put this one on toast, although Austin does look good enough to eat as he's all dressed up for Christmas, making this Squishmallow a perfect festive treat. At only $23.99 at Amazon as part of their Cyber Monday deals, he's now reduced by 20%.

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What is the rarest Squishmallow?

The rarest Squishmallow is the 16-inch Jack the Black Cat, and that's because there were only 500 made. He was the first limited-edition Squishmallow and was sold via the Kellytoys website

How long does Cyber Monday last?

For several major retailers, the "Cyber Monday" sale is a day-long event that begins over the weekend. Amazon's, for example, kicked off on Saturday and runs through Monday. Target's two-day event began overnight on Sunday, while Arkansas-based Walmart kicked off its most recent discounts on Sunday evening.