Growing up doesn’t mean Funko Pop! collecting and plushie indulgence is off the table. On the contrary, with adult money, you can keep your inner child content and live in a world of nostalgia thanks to new releases from Funko, TeeTurtle, and more this holiday season, including the uprising of the dino chicken nugget pillows.

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Thanks to the Black Friday sales, an exciting number of Marvel vinyl figures, from Guardians of the Galaxy and Loki, and adorable Squishmallows, including the irresistible Snorlax and Jack Skellington plushies, are currently on sale with jaw-dropping discounts. Here are the best Black Friday deals on Funko Pop! Figures, plushies, and Squishmallows are happening now at local retailers.

Best Black Friday Funko Deals

  • Product still of the Funko Pop! Guardians of The Galaxy Marvel Holiday Special 5 Pack on a white background
    Funko Pop! Guardians of The Galaxy Marvel Holiday Special 5 Pack

    “Why is Gamora?”

    $23 $60 Save $37

    The Guardians of The Galaxy 5 Pack released by Marvel for the Disney Plus holiday special includes vinyl bobblehead figures of Star-Lord, Groot, Drax, Mantis, and Rocket, each holding presents and donned with Christmas accessories. Amazon is showing off with a 61% discount, and the deal is wild enough to distract buyers from Gamora’s absence.

  • Product still of the Funko Pop! Woody Holding Lenny Disney Toy Story VHS Cover on a white background
    Funko Pop! Woody Holding Lenny Disney Toy Story VHS Cover

    You're my favorite Black Friday deal

    $7 $16 Save $9

    The Funko vinyl figure of Woody holding Lenny the binoculars from the popular 1995 Pixar animation is on display within this VHS Cover product. The protective case stands 8.5 inches tall and includes a background print of the movie poster with the figure encased inside. You’ve got a friend in Amazon, as the retailer is flaunting another incredible Funko deal with 53% off.

  • Product still of the Funko Pop! Star Wars The Mandalorian Collectors Set 4-Pack on a white background
    Funko Pop! Star Wars The Mandalorian Collectors Set 4-Pack

    “This is the way”

    $23 $38 Save $15

    Included in Funko’s generous Star Wars 4-pack is a vinyl bobblehead figure of Boba Fett, Mando holding Child, The Child with a Cookie, and the Dark Trooper Battle, with each figure coming complete with a black Star Wars base for easy display. Save another 39% if you take advantage of Amazon’s Black Friday sales on Funko products once again.

  • Product still of Funko Pop! Marvel Loki on a white background
    Funko Pop! Marvel Loki

    “For you, for all of us”

    $4 $11 Save $7

    This single Funko bobblehead figure, number 895 in the catalog, recreates Loki’s outfit from the first season of the Disney Plus series, wearing a beige retro-inspired suit with longer hair while infiltrating the TVA. Amazon is cutting costs dramatically on this product boasting 59% off the original $10.99 price tag, and we can only hope it’s not a pruning trap.

Marvel fans are still recovering from the Loki season 2 finale, which saw a triumphant sacrifice being made by the God of Mischief, which is why this Funko product may sting a little, but it’s quickly soothed by the saving. The Guardians of the Galaxy 4-pack is the perfect purchase to get you in the holiday spirit or reignite your childhood memories with the Toy Story VHS Cover, and if you manage to purchase The Mandalorian 4-pack without humming the theme tune, you’re stronger than the rest of us.

Amazon’s Black Friday sales on Funko Pop! Figures don’t stop at the previously mentioned products. In fact, the retailer has a long list of discounts on a variety of Funko merch, from 5-packs to Pop! Jumbos and Pop! Moments, including the fantastic 71% off deal on the Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, Dead Strange and Scarlet Witch, Pop! Moment. Walmart also has a number of Funko sales to pique your interest, including price slashing on horror movie Funko Pop! figures like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, and a cheap price on the Eleven with Eggos figure from Stranger Things.

Best Black Friday Deals On Plushies

  • Product still of the TeeTurtle Aggretsuko Officially Licensed Original Sanrio Plushie on a white background
    TeeTurtle Aggretsuko Officially Licensed Original Sanrio Plushie

    Lift your Monday mood with this deal

    $15 $18 Save $3

    This officially licensed Sanrio plushie from TeeTurtle features the hard-working red panda, Retsuko, from the anime comedy Aggretsuko, flaunting her death metal alter-ego that can be reversed to show her calmer side, and it’s part of the company’s popular product line that took social media by storm. Amazon currently has a 15% off sale on this plushie and the retailer’s inventory also stocks several other cute characters.

  • Product still of the Mattel Minecraft Plush Cat on a white background
    Mattel Minecraft Cat Plush

    “Cats really give me the creeps”

    $15 $22 Save $7

    Mattel’s Minecraft Cat Plush lies 12 inches and is made from premium fabrics that keep this product soft for comfort. Based on the blocky sandbox game that stands as one of the best-selling games of all time, this plush can also be bought with another plushie in Amazon’s 2-pack deal, with the Fox, Pig, Turtle, and Wolf still on offer for 32% off.

  • Product still of the TeeTurtle The Original Reversible Octopus (Angry Red + Rage Black) on a white background
    TeeTurtle The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie (Angry Red + Rage Black)

    Only smiles during Black Friday

    $8 $10 Save $2

    The Original Reversible Octopus from TeeTurtle is the product that started the viral trend, featuring the plushie’s smiling face on one side, and its grumpy alter-ego on the reversible side. Amazon is currently offering a 15% discount on the Angry Red + Rage Black color scheme, but there are over 40 different colors and styles to choose from with similar prices.

  • Product still of the Aucess Dino Chicken Nugget Pillow Set on a white background
    Aucess Dino Chicken Nugget Pillow Set

    The pillow set you never knew you needed

    $24 $30 Save $6

    This pillow set from Aucess recreates everyone’s favorite childhood snack: Dino Chicken Nuggets. The set comes with three dinosaur shapes, the Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, and T-Rex, and you can choose between a medium or large size depending on what you want to use them for. Amazon has a 20% Black Friday deal on the set, but unfortunately, the pillows will not smell like nuggets.

In one of two TeeTurtle deals in Amazon’s Black Friday sales, the Aggretsuko reversible plushie is on-brand with the anime and the perfect gift to buy for a fan. If Secret Santa is a tradition in your place of work, TeeTurtle's second product in this article, the reversible Octopus, is a great plush to give a co-worker, so you can gauge their Monday-morning mood. The Dino Nugget Pillow Set is a ridiculous concept on paper, but it immediately touches the hearts of many big kids, and unlike Petra, Minecraft fans have a love for the blocky felines that needs no justification.

Amazon’s deals on plushies don’t stop there, as there are several animal-themed pillows, of all shapes and sizes, and a bottomless trove of plushies for kids. With Christmas just around the corner, these Black Friday sales will help you save a little cash. Target also has a number of discounts on plushies that are ideal for a baby’s first toy, as well as pillow plushies catering to college football and Nintendo IPs.

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Best Black Friday Squishmallow Deals

  • Product still of the Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow on a white background
    Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow

    Perfect for Halloween and Christmas

    $21 $30 Save $9

    The officially licensed Kellytoy Halloween Squishmallow features the style and personality of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Standing at 8 inches tall, this plushie currently has 31% off if you purchase through Amazon and the retailer also has several other characters from the movie in stock, including Oogie Boogie, Sally, and Zero.

  • Product still of the Snorlax Squishmallow Plush on a white background
    Snorlax Squishmallow Plush

    Snorlax has never been smaller

    $52 $62 Save $10

    This 14-inch plushie shrinks the sleepy Normal-type Pokemon, Snorlax, down to a digestible size, and this purchase can turn into a perfect nap companion if you want to take an afternoon rest. You can save $10 if you order from Walmart, and the retailer also has full-priced stock on the Gengar and Pikachu variants, but there is a slight reduction on Togepi.

The Nightmare Before Christmas has always been a musical limbo between Halloween and the festive season, and this Jack Skellington Squishmallow has got rid of the protagonist’s long legs and gangly stature to turn him into a cute Pumpkin King—which is a tempting purchase for any fan. It’s a fact that any Pokemon would look cute as a Squishmallow, but Snorlax’s sleepy nature goes well with a pillow plushie, and it's a necessary accessory to snuggle up to during cold, winter nights.

Whether you’re looking for fruit-themed Squishmallows or reimagined plushies of your favorite Pixar characters, Amazon has inviting limited-time deals for Black Friday on a number of these popular bundles of joy. Walmart also has a good variety in stock, albeit on the pricier side, and if you’re interested in even more bargains, take a look at our collection of the best Squishmallow deals this Black Friday.

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Q: When Will Black Friday Deals Start?

Black Friday will commence on Friday, November 24, 2023, with Cyber Monday following on Monday, November 27, 2023. Several video game publishers began offering early Black Friday deals before this date, including Nintendo and Xbox, with many discounts appearing from November 19, 2023. These deals are expected to last until the end of the day on November 27, 2023, giving you plenty of time to grab the best deals this week.

Q: Is Funko Having A Black Friday Sale?

The official Funko store is having a kaiju-sized sale on a variety of products, including Facet variants, Anniversary sets, Die-Casts, Pop! Mystery items and Exclusive Collectibles, and there is currently free shipping on all orders exceeding $65. Funko is also offering a 10% discount off your first order from the official website if you sign up for the mailing list.