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Assassin’s Creed Limited Edition 15th Anniversary Artbook Dark Horse 1
Kingdom Hearts 1 his Majesty king Mickey sealing the Door to Dadoness 1
YouTuber Reveals Kingdom Hearts' Never-Before-Seen Areas

The video forms the newest episode in Shesez's Boundary Break series, which uncovers secrets that lay beyond the border of beloved games.

Ian Dorsch, Zero Punctuation, Praey For the Gods 1
Composer Ian Dorsch On His Journey Into Video Game Music

From Zero Punctuation to Praey For The Gods, Dorsch gives us a rocking ballad of lessons and success.

Goku in his ultra instinct form, Luffy in his haki form, Dark Schneider smiling, Naruto with a serious face 1
10 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Superman

From Madoka Kaname of Madoka Magica to the iconic Goku of Dragon Ball, these anime legends are powerful enough to beat DC's legendary Superman.

Banner image for Hasbro 1
Hasbro Cutting Workforce By 15% Despite Gaming Profit Increases

The company is seeking to pivot its focus to gaming.

high on life 1
High On Life Creator Justin Roiland Resigns From Squanch Games

The co-creator of Rick and Morty has left the studio amidst charges of domestic abuse.

Justin-Roiland-picture 1
Splinter Cell: Firewall Eight-Part Audio Drama Sam Fisher and his daughter Sarah Fisher 1
Batman The Complete Animated Series Batman Stands On Rooftop With Lightning Bolt Behind 1
Longtime Batman Voice Actor Kevin Conroy Has Died

Conroy had provided the voice of Batman for 30 years.

Ben Stiller as Kratos God of War Ragnarok trailer lebron james john travolta 1
entropy zero 2 security checkpoint further up north near the Borealis 1
Entropy: Zero 2: How Half-Life Modders Made Their Own Episode 3

The story of how one of the best Half-Life 2 mods was born

House of the Dragon episode 9 release 1
House of the Dragon
House Of The Dragon Episode 9 Release Date, Time, And Preview

The show will change drastically after King Viserys' death.

Spy X Family Episode 15 Anya, Loid, Yor 1
Spy X Family Episode 15 Release Date And Time

A new member will join the Forger family in the upcoming episode.

Blue Lock episode 2 1
Blue Lock Episode 2 Release Date And Time

The first season of Blue Lock will consist of 24 episodes.

Black Clover chapter 341 1
Black Clover Chapter 341 Release Date, Time, And Spoilers

Ichika has revealed a dark secret about Captain Yami.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 201 1
Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 201 Release Date, Time, And Spoilers

Kenjaku has to show his powers to convince the President and others.

Chainsaw Man Devil Hunters 1
Chainsaw Man: Who Are Devil Hunters?

More Devil Hunters will be introduced in the upcoming episodes of Chainsaw Man. Here's what you need to know.

She Hulk episode 9 1
She-Hulk Episode 9 Release Date And Time

The final episode of She-Hulk hits Disney+ this week.

Chainsaw Man Makima 1
Chainsaw Man: Who Is The Girl At The End Of Episode 1?

Makima is here! Get ready to see more new and exciting characters in the upcoming episodes of Chainsaw Man.

The Eminence in Shadow episode 2 1
The Eminence In Shadow Episode 2 Release Date And Time

Season 1 will consist of 20 episodes.

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