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About Kyle Knight

Kyle has a degree in Film, Television, and Cultural Studies and has loved video games for as long as he can remember. He's owned every PlayStation, dabbled with the occasional Xbox, and even owned a PSP Go, if anybody actually remembers those. These days, he's more into building PCs and spending all of his money on the latest triple-a releases.

Here at DualShockers, Kyle has interviewed game directors, reviewed some of the year's biggest releases, attended preview events for huge triple-a titles, and occasionally ranted about his love/hate relationship with Call of Duty.

Favorite Games and Genres

My colleagues will tell you that I religiously play Call of Duty for hours on end, and although they're not wrong, I do actually enjoy plenty of other video games. I lean towards action-adventure games, mostly, but I'm also fond of a good RPG, city-builder, or the occasional indie.

First Game Console and Preferred Platforms

My first game console was the original PlayStation, and I've owned every PlayStation since. Currently, I switch between gaming on my PC and my PS5, but I've also got an Xbox Series S which is known as "the Game Pass machine."

Latest Articles

Company Of Heroes 3 gameplay and characters 1
Company Of Heroes 3 Players Label New Hammer & Shield DLC As An "Overpriced Scam"

Company Of Heroes 3's latest DLC pack, Hammer & Shield, has been hit with "mostly negative" reviews on Steam.

Starfield - Player in front of dual planets 1
Starfield Fans Displeased As Paid Mods Becomes Increasingly Likely

Starfield fans believe paid mods are on the horizon after the introduction of Skyrim's new 'Bethesda Game Studios Creations'.

modern warfare 3 season 1 1
Warzone & Modern Warfare 3 Season 1: Release Date & Start Time For New Update

Modern Warfare 3's very first season kicks off this week, with brand-new multiplayer maps, weapons, and more.

gta 6  1
Grand Theft Auto 6's Trailer Includes Multiple Real-Life Crime References

There's a lot to unpack from Grand Theft Auto 6's very first trailer.

rainbow six siege operation deep freeze new release date 1
Rainbow Six Siege Confirms New Release Date For Y8S4: Operation Deep Freeze

The new season was due to launch last month but received a short delay as further testing was required.

modern warfare 3 zombies 1
Modern Warfare 3 Player Spawns Unlimited Bosses In Zombies With Simple Trick

If you're trying to unlock Modern Warfare 3's Serpentine camo, you'll want to check out this trick.

Starfield gameplay 1
Starfield Player Takes Ship Design To The Next Level With This ‘Eggcellent’ Chicken Ship

Have you ever wanted to take a chicken into space battle?

Bethesda and Xbox Starfield Direct gameplay and new images 1
Starfield Players Are Debating (Again) On How The Game’s Loading Screens Could Be Improved

Starfield's loading screens are a hot topic, but what could make them better?

starfield update 1
Starfield Beta Update Fixes Weapon Crate Exploit, And Fans Aren’t Happy

Starfield players were hoping for game-breaking bugs to be fixed, but Bethesda has once again opted to fix a harmless exploit.

gta 6 announcement copied 1
Grand Theft Auto 6’s Trailer Announcement Is Already Being Meme'd By Other Games

Warzone, Fall Guys, and Halo have all decided to get in on the action.

fortnite og keyart 1
Fortnite Players Left Baffled As Item Shop Is Completely Empty

If you were looking to get your hands on some new skins, you could be out of luck.

fortnite family guy crossover 1
Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass Leak Reveals Highly Anticipated Family Guy Crossover

The leak comes directly from the Xbox store, which claims Chapter 5 Season 1 will be titled 'Underground'.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Update Eminem new skins and characters 1
Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Update: Release Date & Start Time

Fortnite OG is coming to an end, but a brand-new Chapter is gearing up to take its place.

starfield planet crash 1
Weird Starfield Glitch Sees Moon “Crash” Into Another Planet

Although the crash was rather anticlimactic...

Minecraft world, cool builds, and steve 1
Steve and his pickaxe in Minecraft Java Edition 1
Spider-Man 2 Venom 1
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Players Have Discovered A New Venom Free Roam Glitch

The glitch was recently patched, but players have already discovered a new workaround.

Starfield gameplay 1
Starfield Players Are Only Just Discovering This Easy Trick To Increase Stats

If you're not one for looking through all of the miscellaneous objects in Starfield, this vital trick can easily be missed.

Destiny 2 Season 23 Season Of The Wish characters 1
Destiny 2 Season 23: Release Date & Start Time For New Update

Here's when you can jump into Destiny 2's next major content update, Season Of The Wish.

rainbow six siege operation deep freeze 1
Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4: Release Date & Start Time For New Update

Eager to jump into Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4: Operation Deep Freeze? Here's everything you need to know.

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