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About Jo Craig

Jo (they/them) has been in the industry for nearly a decade and finds dissecting Marvel trailers for hours standard practice and still finds time to review, analyze, and research anime, video games, and everything on the nerdy spectrum. 

Industry Focus

With past experience writing for TheGamer, CBR, and GRV Media, I also maintain a strong social media presence with a passion for contributing to the geek culture community. For DualShockers, I operate like a Swiss army knife and produce lists, guides, features, explainers, and commerce content.

Favorite Anime and Genres

I consider Attack on Titan to be one of the best fictional stories ever told, and I'm leaning more into One Piece these days for some comfort. Over the years, Mushishi, Fullmetal Alchemist, and The Promised Neverland have touched my heart, and Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer are on hand for the laughs and high-octane action.

First Game Console and Preferred Platforms

My first game console was Nintendo's handheld, the Game Boy Color in Lime Green, followed by the PlayStation 2. These consoles opened a door to Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Final Fantasy, and even EA's The Lord of the Rings games---that still hold up. Nowadays, I play on all platforms with a preference for PlayStation 5---how else can I pretend to be a wizard or assassin for hours on end?

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