It's December and do you know what that means? Yes, Black Friday has been and gone, but now it's time for Christmas. Before you start panicking and getting lost in the hustle and bustle about what gifts you should buy that Nintendo, PS5, or Xbox fan in your life, we have put together a fantastic holiday gift guide that will see you through the festive period.

Check out some of the best presents you should snag this holiday on PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Board Games that'll not only brighten up the faces of whoever you give the gift to but also maybe save you some pennies along the way so you can splash even more cash in the New Year.

Best Games to Play On Sony’s PlayStation Portal
Now that Sony's PlayStation portal is out in the wild, let's find some of the best games you can cozy up with and play.

PlayStation Games, Controllers and PS5 Bundle Gift Ideas

final fantasy 16
Final Fantasy 16
Explore the realm of Valisthea

PS5 Game

$41.17 $88.3 Save $47.13

If you happened to miss Final Fantasy 16 when it was first released this year, now is the time to embark on an epic dark fantasy world where the fate of the land is decided by the mighty Eikons and the Dominants who wield them.Amazon is coming out on top for this game for Christmas by offering 53% off its usual price of $88.48.

Final Fantasy is one of the most loved franchises around. This time, take part in the true epic dark fantasy for the holiday season and pick this deal up at Amazon for only $41.17, that's 53% off its normal price of $88.30 - that's a pretty solid deal, and who could say no to delving into some FF16 action over Christmas?

god of war ragnarok
God of War Ragnarok

PS5 Game

God of War Ragnarok continues the epic tale of Kratos and Atreus in the wake of the events from God of War (2018). Kratos and Atreus focus on survival as Ragnarok looms large ahead as they must contend with new foes.This game is selling like hotcakes right now and many retailers are sold out, but if you're fast, you can pick it up right now at Best Buy for $69.99.

God of War Ragnarok on the PS5 is a must-play for Christmas and if you haven't experienced it yet, grab it this instant! Unravel the heartfelt journey of Kratos and Atreus, who struggle with holding on and letting go amid the stunning backdrop of the Norse Realms. Picking this deal up at Best Buy for $69 will save you from hunting around other retailers where many copies have already flown off the shelves.

spider-man 2 tag image
Marvel's Spider-Man 2

PS5 Game

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is one of the biggest games to release this year. If your Playstation friend, partner, or family member hasn't picked this one up yet, they'll probably love you forever if you hand them this for the holidays.

Probably one of the most requested holiday video game gifts, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will conjure up hours of enjoyment on the PS5. For $69 at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, you can't go wrong with picking this little gem up, especially if the receiver is a big Marvel fan.

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy PS5

PS5 Game

$47.99 $69.99 Save $22

If the thought of drinking butter beer at the local pub in Hogsmeade, casting spells and flying on a broomstick around Hogwarts fills your heart with desire this Christmas, now is the time to pick it up, as this perfect gift would make any Harry Potter fan filled with joy.Purchase it on Amazon and get 31% off the standard price.

There is so much to choose from when it comes to Harry Potter, so you might feel a little overwhelmed when trying to search for the perfect gift throughout the entirety of the franchise. Thankfully, for Potter Heads, Hogwarts Legacy is 31% off at Amazon, providing great savings, so you have more cash in your pocket to spend on some butterbeer.

sony ps5 dualsense wireless controller
Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller
PS5 Controller

Your choice of colors!

Grab the perfect gift for any PlayStation fan this Christmas and nab this Sony PS5 wireless controller. What makes this gift idea even better is that you can take your pick of colors if white isn't your thing. From blue, pink, and red to purple and gray, there's something for everyone.

Whether you smashed your last one rage-quitting Call of Duty, need another one for some 2-player action, or just need an extra controller as your main one charges, this much-needed gift is a hard one to pass by and an essential part of every PlayStation gamer's life.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bundle PS5 Console
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition PS5 Console Bundle
PS5 Bundle

With great power there must also come great responsibility.

$499.99 $559.99 Save $60

Grab this PlayStation 5 Disc Console Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Bundle and experience one of the best games of the year coupled with one of the most powerful consoles this Christmas.Amazon is currently offering $60 off, but be fast and use those spidey senses as it won't be around forever. Best Buy is also offering the same console for the same price at $499.

Who wouldn't want to web-swing across Manhattan wearing the best Spider-Man suit? And with $60 off this Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 Bundle, you're pretty much getting the brand-new Spider-Man 2 game for free, whereas it's still $70 everywhere else. Our advice? Don't miss this Cyber Monday scoop before they are all gone.

PlayStation 5 Console - Horizon Forbidden West Bundle
PlayStation 5 Console - Horizon Forbidden West Bundle
PS5 Bundle

Robot Dinosaurs await!

Get the PlayStation 5 Console – Horizon Forbidden West Bundle to join Aloy as she braves a dangerous new frontier on PS5.Pick this up right now for the holidays before it's gone at Walmart for $549.

If you're looking around for a PS5 console bundle for a Horizon Forbidden West fan, Walmart has your back. Coming in at $549, this is cheaper than across many other retailers right now who are currently sold out of them, so grab this amazing bundle before those pesky robot dinosaurs do.

2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Playstation Gift Ideas For Christmas
Not too sure what gifts to buy the Playstation fan in your life? Don't worry as we have some of the best presents to pick up this Christmas 2023.

Nintendo Switch, Controller and Game Gift Ideas

Product still of the Nintendo Switch Lite - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bundle on a white background
Nintendo Switch Lite - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bundle
Nintendo Switch Lite Bundle

The real life game that's playing, even when you're not

There's nothing like snuggling up with a cozy game at this time of year, and you can't get more wholesome than Animal Crossing: New Horizons. At $60.98 off just in time for Christmas, Walmart and Target are coming out on top with a beefy discount on the Nintendo Switch Lite console (Timmy & Tommy's Aloha Edition) at $199.

The console even comes with a free download of Animal Crossing: New Horizons which would normally set you back at $60. If Target is your preferred place to shop, the good news is they are offering the same price on this bundle with Isabelle’s Aloha Edition. Go snatch this ideal holiday gift right now!

Product still of the PDP Afterglow Wave Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller - White on a white background
PDP Afterglow Wave Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller - White
Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller

Aesthetics on point

$44.74 $54.99 Save $10.25

When it comes to aesthetic controllers, the Afterglow Wave wireless Nintendo Switch controller from PDP is the most eye-catching in the white colorway, and it boasts a 40-hour battery life with a 30-foot wireless range.

If you're looking for an eye-catching Nintendo Switch controller for yourself or as a present for someone else, you can't go wrong with a saving of $10. Amazon is offering a generous reduction from $54.00 to $44.74, with Best Buy offering a $5 reduction to $49.99, marked down from $54.99. Get your hands, quite literally, on this Christmas deal before someone else does.

Nintendo Switch Tiles of Nintendo Mario & Link Christmas Product Banner with Link looking down at Hyrule from the sky islands
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Nintendo Switch Game

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this

$52 $69.99 Save $17.99

The critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a high contender for game of the year and Walmart's reduction isn't huge, but $17.99 off is still a win if you're looking to pick this up on your Hyrule quest to save the kingdom.

May 12, 2023

Xbox Bundles, Controller, Games and Accessory Gift Ideas

Product still of the Xbox Series X - Diablo IV Bundle on a white background
Xbox Series X 1TB Console - Diablo IV Bundle
Xbox Series X Bundle

All Hail Lilith!

Join the endless battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells and keel at Lilith's feet (you'll enjoy it, trust me)With ceaseless demons to slaughter, countless abilities to master, nightmarish Dungeons, and Legendary loot, Diablo 4 is an epic journey into Blizzard Entertainment's 2023 online-action RPG.Walmart is coming out on top by offering $554, closely followed by Best Buy at $559 so you'd have to be demonic to miss this perfect holiday gift in 2023.

The Xbox Series X stands as a testament to Microsoft's commitment to pushing the boundaries of console gaming and now, it's all yours for the holiday season - heightening the pleasure by bringing along with it Diablo 4. Grab the bundle at Walmart for $554, cheaper than it is at Best Buy at $559, and suffer the fiery flames of hell.

Product still of the Turtle Beach Recon Controller Wired Controller for Xbox on a white background
Turtle Beach Recon Controller Wired Controller for Xbox
Xbox Controller

Comfort and Quality

$44.95 $59.95 Save $15

A favorite among Xbox lovers, the Turtle Beach Recon Controller Wired Controller for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC will offer comfort and quality while playing your most beloved games, even in the most action-packed moments.Walmart is currently offering a savings of $15 - bringing the price down to $44.95, which makes this a hot grab for the cold holiday weather.

The Turtle Beach Recon Controller Wired Controller comes with remappable buttons, a Superhuman Hearing Sound setting, enhanced audio and a host of other fantastic features. Not only that, but you can take your pick from a range of colors from blue and green to orange and silver, which makes this gift idea even more tempting at $44.95 at Walmart ($15 off).

resident evil 4 remake
Resident Evil 4 Remake
Xbox Series X/S Game

Reawaken a Classic

$39.96 $59.8 Save $19.84

Resident Evil 4 remake is the series' most exciting adventure rebuilt and refined for its most beloved fans. Part action and part horror.RE4 appeals to both old and new fans of the series, so if it's your first time delving into this modern yet classic blockbuster, now is the time as $20 off at Walmart should tempt you in.

Reawaken a classic on the Xbox Series X/S with Resident Evil 4, as Leon once more faces hordes of rabid enemies. Built on Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine, RE4 delivers breathtakingly photorealistic visuals in 4K, so now couldn't be a better time to pick this game up for Christmas, especially with huge $20 off savings.

Dead Island 2
Xbox Series X Game

See you in HELL-A!

In Dead Island 2, players take on Los Angeles, California, as it turns everyone into ravenous zombies. With a range of arsenal at your disposal, including guns and melee weapons, you'll be slaying the undead in fashion all over HELL-A.Walmart comes out on top by offering the best price currently for the holidays on Dead Island 2.

Who doesn't love a bit of zombie slaying? Take to the beaches and homes of LA as the undead sweep Orange County as the franchise returns with Dead Island 2. Best Buy is offering the best Christmas bargain right now, making the dangerous adventure that little bit sweeter. Definitely a must-have pickup if you love weapons, smashing zombie skulls, and upgrading your arsenal.

Product still of the Halo Infinite - Master Chief Light-Up Cable Guy Holder on a white background
Halo Infinite - Master Chief Light-Up Cable Guy Holder
Xbox Accessory

Let the Chief deliver an assist

The Master Chief Cable Guy is a limited edition holder that’s designed to hold your phone for stress-free viewing and your Xbox controller when it’s not in use. The holder stands 8 inches tall detailed with Master Chief’s double-barreled rocket launcher, and it’s the first-ever light-up Xbox square base featuring a terrain effect.

If there's one person who can not only protect your phone but also your Xbox controller, it's the Master Chief Cable Guy. A fun and useful accessory, but not only that, a great gift for any Xbox fan as it also lights up and is a great conversation starter.

Product still of the Venom Xbox Series X LED Console Stand on a white background
Venom Xbox Series X LED Console Stand
Xbox Accessory

Add an atmospheric glow to the monolith

This Venom LED console stand for Xbox Series X is USB-powered and comes with your choice of seven colors to illuminate your console. The brightness can also be adjusted to match the ambiance you’re looking for, and the base carries a sleek design to sit flush with the hardware enhanced by a practical design that will provide optimal airflow to negate overheating.

Let there be light! The cold and dark winter months are upon us and what's better than to give an Xbox lover their very own cool LED stand for the Series X to illuminate the way. With up to 7 colors to choose from, the adjustable lights will turn a dull gaming room into the ultimate Xbox room with the flick of a switch.

12 D&D Christmas Gift Ideas To Consider For The Ultimate Fantasy Adventurer
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Board Game Gift Ideas

Betrayal at House on the Hill Second Edition Cooperative Board Game
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Board Game

Time to get spooky

Fancy something a little spooky as the nights drew darker? This highly replayable Board Game is for ages 12 and up and what's even better, you can get 3–6 of your friends around to partake in 50 chilling scenarios.Find out if that friend or family member you trust so much is actually the traitor after all. Walmart currently has this fun, yet haunted game for $42.

Find out if that friend or family member you trust so much is actually the traitor after all in the dark board game, Betrayal at House on the Hill. A great gift for the board game enthusiast who enjoys their games with a bit of an edge. Walmart currently has this fun, yet haunting game on for $42.99, which would make it the ideal after Christmas dinner get-together.

The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition Board Game
The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition Board Game
Board Games

Let's-a go!

$26.99 $30 Save $3.01

In The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition board game, fight over who gets to play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Yoshi while journeying through the Mushroom Kingdom. Collect coins, power up with items and companions, as well as playing fun minigames along the way.

A great board game to pick up for all the family and at -10% off via Amazon, The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition is a no-brainer. Play as Mario Luigi, Peach, or Yoshi, and choose your path and which areas to explore as you and your friends head off to the Mushroom Kingdom. This would make a great addition to family or friends' time, especially coming up to the festive period and when there's a deal also to be had with $3 off and free returns, your Mario adventure is made all that more special.

Catan (Base Game) Adventure Board Game
Catan (Base Game)
Board Games

Become the adventurer you were meant to be!

When it comes to heavy board games, Catan comes out on top. This very popular board game was first introduced in 1995 and 28 years later, it's just as strong as ever. An ideal gift for the more serious board game player.

Become the dominant force on the island of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads, and, best of all, it can be enjoyed by all ages - perfect for the holiday season as everyone sits around enjoying their time together after feasting on too much food. At only $43.97 at Walmart, pick this up for board game players as a gift if they enjoy other titles like Carcassonne, Agricola, or Splendor.

Product still of the The Witcher: Old World Board Game on a white background
The Witcher: Old World Board Game
Board Games

Beat Geralt and become the best Witcher in the Continent

The Witcher: Old World board game is designed for 1-5 players and lets each participant choose their own signs through a unique deck of cards and card synergy will allow you to deal powerful combos to enemies as you fulfill your quest.

The Witcher world is vast and a sheer delight to explore, whether it's through its books, comics, games, or the TV show. To add to the huge franchise, The Witcher: Old World board game is here and should be on the radar of every Witcher fan, making this an excellent present this Christmas. This gift would look amazing stacked beside other Witcher memorabilia and the ideal fantasy adventure to escape to over the holidays.

Product still of the Fallout The Board Game on a white background
Fallout The Board Game
Board Game

Dive into the wasteland with friends and family

$55.99 $69.99 Save $14

The strategy board game is inspired by the post-nuclear RPG from Bethesda, Fallout, and it’s designed by Andrew Fischer and Nathan Hajek. Suitable for 1-4 players, each of the four scenarios from the board game is inspired by a story from Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, with character customization, harrowing enemy encounters, and branching quests on offer.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber missing the live-action series, The Witcher board game will certainly bring that fantasy immersion back to reunite you with nightmarish monsters and leave you feeling fulfilled as a Witcher when they’re slain. Similarly, the Fallout board game will return that post-apocalyptic aesthetic, which makes the franchise so rich, and surviving the wasteland with friends sounds like a fun but challenging endeavor to embark on this holiday season.

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