Fable 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur's Gate 3 villians 1
10 Best RPGs For Evil Playthroughs

Take a walk on the Dark Side.

Enchanted Arms RPG gameplay 1
Collage of RPGs with the best character customization (Elden Ring, Fallout 4, Baldur's Gate 3) 1
10 RPGs With The Best Character Customization

Do you enjoy spending hours getting your character just right? Then these are the RPGs for you.

Best Isometric RPG Pillars Of Eternity Disco Elysium Divinity Original Sin 2 1
13 Best Isometric RPGs

From Planescape Torment to Disco Elysium, here are some of the most immersive isometric RPG experiences ever created.

Grimmrock, Link's awakening and enter the gungeon-1 1
10 Best Dungeon Crawlers, Ranked

The best Dungeon Crawlers encourage careful exploration while instilling a deep sense of adventure, with danger lurking around every corner!

The Best RPG Romance Options, Ranked (Mass Effect, Stardew Valley, The Witcher 3) 1
10 Best RPG Romance Options, Ranked

Romances often play a major role in role-playing games, creating unforgettable relationships. This list breaks down the best RPG romances out there.

Fallout 4 split image screenshots of bases of each faction 1
Fallout 4: Every Major Faction, Ranked

From the Minutemen to the Institute, we've ranked every major faction in Fallout 4.

Resonance of Fate 1
I'm Still Obsessed With The Crazy Acrobatic Combat In This Overlooked JRPG

Resonance of Fate was a complex but satisfying experience.

bethesda zenimax rpg fps fallout 3 companions rank list 1
Fallout 3: Every Companion, Ranked

Not every Companion in Fallout 3 is the best, so here we have ranked every Companion in the game to make it easier for you to choose one to pick.

Collage of Best RPG Boss Fights (Nyx, Gwyn Lord of Cinder, Lavos) 1
10 Best RPG Boss Fights, Ranked

RPGs have given us several amazing and hard boss fights, but these are some of the best and unforgettable ones because of their difficulty.

Summoner player facing enemies on left, Summoner player standing in front of the sea on right 1
playstation 2
This Forgotten PS2 RPG Was The First Of Its Kind On Consoles

Before Morrowind, there was Summoner

Awesome Retro RPGs Many Gamers Never Knew Existed

From turn-based to action to strategy and everything else in between, the RPG umbrella is vast and encompasses a wide array of sub-genres and types.

5 of the Best RPGs Available Right Now On the PS5

As of the 21st September 2021

tales of arise rpg 1
Tales of Arise Compared to a "Watercolor Storybook"

An idyllic comparison has been made referencing the RPG's style.

Genshin Impact miHoYo New office building march 2021 photos 3 1
Peak Inside the New Genshin Impact Office - Photos Revealed

Paimon and the Travelers Aether and Lumine welcome you at miHoYo.

KFC Genshin Impact photos 2 1
KFC Genshin Impact - New Restaurant Photos Reveal Collab in Action

Is there a Paimon emergency food menu for the Genshin Impact KFC collab?

Genshin Impact KFC Collaboration 1
Genshin Impact KFC Collaboration in China Leaked, Check Out the New Skins

Genshin Impact KFC skins spotted in China.

Hajimari no Kiseki feature logo main visual 1
Hajimari no Kiseki Screenshots Found on NIS America Website Possibly Hint at Localization Announcement [Update]

Either by luck or by fate, one of our resident Trails gurus stumbled on a potential tease of the localization of Hajimari no Kiseki on NIS America's site.

Atomic Heart gameplay scene with protagonist holding a melee weapon 1
Atomic Heart Reveals Ray-Tracing Support With a Brief Action-Packed Trailer

Atomic Heart will support ray-tracing on Nvidia GPUs, based on the new gameplay trailer focusing on this incredible technology.

Lords of the Fallen 2 1
Lords of the Fallen 2 Logo Revealed, CI Games' Largest Project to Date

CI Games officially revealed the logo for Lords of the Fallen 2, the largest project of the company that has been in development since 2014.

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