Craft your own story in Bethesda's epic open-world (or open-galaxy) RPG. With factions to join, wars to fight, and over 1000 planets to explore, Starfield is the legendary RPG developer's most ambitious game yet.

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PC , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S
September 6, 2023


Starfield player in the collector's ship. 1
Starfield Lacks The Gravitas To Inspire A Skyrim-Like Modding Community

For a great modding community, you need a great foundation, whereas Starfield's is only 'good'.

Starfield gameplay 1
Starfield Player Takes Ship Design To The Next Level With This ‘Eggcellent’ Chicken Ship

Have you ever wanted to take a chicken into space battle?

Bethesda and Xbox Starfield Direct gameplay and new images 1
Starfield Players Are Debating (Again) On How The Game’s Loading Screens Could Be Improved

Starfield's loading screens are a hot topic, but what could make them better?

starfield update 1
Starfield Beta Update Fixes Weapon Crate Exploit, And Fans Aren’t Happy

Starfield players were hoping for game-breaking bugs to be fixed, but Bethesda has once again opted to fix a harmless exploit.

starfield planet crash 1
Weird Starfield Glitch Sees Moon “Crash” Into Another Planet

Although the crash was rather anticlimactic...

starfield-discussion-THUMB 1
Is Bethesda ‘Clapping Back’ at Negative Starfield Reviews?

Bethesda is following up on negative Starfield reviews on Steam, here's why.

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Starfield Andreja, Barrett, Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe romance character options 1
Starfield: How To Find And Use Paramour

Are you wondering how you can find and use the Paramour to fall in love in Starfield? Here's a guide to help you out.

The Clinic From Space & The Inside  1
Starfield: Where To Find The Clinic

The Clinic is one of Starfield's many unique locations players can visit; here's where to find it.

Starfield - Alternate Universes Split Image 1
Starfield: Every Alternate Universe In The Game, Ranked

There are 10 alternate universes in Starfield. Here's a ranking of them all.

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Starfield Players Are Only Just Discovering This Easy Trick To Increase Stats

If you're not one for looking through all of the miscellaneous objects in Starfield, this vital trick can easily be missed.

The Players Ship Being Docked With A Space Station  1
Starfield: How To Dock With Space Stations

Starfield's galaxy is full of Space Stations for players to find and dock at; here's how to do it.

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The Nishina Research Station & Alternate Dimension  1
Starfield: Nishina Research Station Location

The Nishina Research Station is the location of a unique quest players can find in Starfield; here's where to find the station.

A Ship Flying In The Serpentis System & Landing On A Moon 1
Starfield: Where To Find Serpentis

Serpentis is a high-level system players can visit in Starfield, and is a great place to find ship battles or wildlife to farm for XP.

Procyon III On The Surface & The Starborn Temple On The Planet 1
Starfield: Where To Find Procyon III

Procyon III is one of the many possible locations for Starborn temples to spawn in Starfield; here's where to find it.

The ECS Constant In Orbit & The Command Deck  1
Starfield: ECS Constant Location

The ECS Constant is an old Earth ship players will come across during their journey through the galaxy in Starfield; here's where to find it.

Starfield gameplay 1
Starfield: What Is The Max Level

Leveling up in Starfield gives players skill points to make their character stronger, but what is the max level?

The Constellation Skins On The Spacesuit & Equinox 1
Starfield: How To Use Skins

Starfield offers a small number of skins for players to get and use to specific pieces of gear; here's how to equip them.

Starfield Exploring Bohr System Collage 1
I Took On One Of Starfield's Toughest Systems Right After The Intro

Here, there be dragons... err, twistfins.

1-Of-A-Kind Salvage & The Planet Niira  1
Starfield: Where To Find 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage

1-Of-A-Kind Salvage is one of the unique places in the galaxy players can and should visit; here's where to find it.

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